Panel Sessions & Workshops

Main Auditorium
Venue: Novotel London West
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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Welcome to the Main Auditorium programme at the London Forex Show. Please note that tickets for the independent training workshops, and other sessions in this area, cost £25 each. If you have a voucher code, then please use it at point of registration to remove all/part of the cost. Tickets are also available for purchase from the Registration Desk on the day of the event, subject to availability.


The 5 Unbreakable Rules of Trading

Speaker: Stuart McPhee

In this session Stuart will cover important items that have stood the test of time and that are essential for long term consistently profitable trading. Some of them are obvious but generally traders don't know how to address them. For example, despite the importance of having the right mindset and managing risk, you still need a simple and robust trading strategy allowing you to consistently enter high probability trading opportunities. However many traders trade randomly - they will look for trading opportunities indiscriminately without any process or methodology. With your strategy, Stuart will also address the number one problem traders make with their time frame selection. Learn how to approach your trading with a disciplined and professional level mindset.


Technical Analysis or Self Analysis?

Speaker: Tom Hougaard

Tom has, after many years in the trading trenches, come to the absolute conviction that trading is all about mind-set. Trading successfully goes against our fundamental instincts. Human nature says ride our losses. Human nature will work against us when we have a profitable position. When you are a good trader, everything you do hurts. It hurts to buy the first top of the day or sell short the first low of the day. This talk will attempt in a short 60 minutes to make you consider the implications of having the right mindset and how to acquire the right mindset to trade every day. The talk will explore the tools available to traders, including those that Tom uses.

Tom has given thousands and thousands of talks on technical analysis, talked about Gann, Fibonacci, Volume Analysis, seasonal tendencies, day-trading, swing trading, momentum trading, Divergence Trading, Scalping, Scaling in and out, pattern analysis, Price Action, trendlines, tramlines, channels - and the list goes on and on. If profitable trading was all about techniques, then the money goes to the person with the biggest trading library.

The new ESMA rules require brokers to state how big a percentage of their clients are profitable. The percentage of losing traders is in the 80% region. We can safely assume that those 80% are normal human beings - well mannered and well seasoned in technical analysis and probably also of sound mind and body. Is it not then safe to conclude that technical analysis and normal behaviour does not translate into profits? This 60 minute talk will highlight the evidence to support the theory that being "normal" is fatal for the wallet. .




The 4 top traders from the London Forex Show’s Top Trader 19 Competition will join Charlie Burton on stage to discuss their trading strategies, talk about their best trades and collect their trophy and prize.

The competition ran for the 2 weeks prior to the London Forex Show, with the objective to build the maximum amount of profit using a demo account, provided by All entrants began with £10,000 with which to trade - find out who won and how they did it!



Chaired By: Alpesh Patel
Panel: Siam Kidd, Anthony Cheung, Jason Graystone and Adam Harris

For what is likely to be the last time, the topic for the London Forex Show Lunchtime Summit is Brexit – taking place just a few short weeks after the event and likely to offer some unprecedented trading opportunities. Any major political change around the world creates uncertainty in the early stages, and uncertainty leads to volatility, which is where you, the trader, can profit. The panel will discuss how best traders can prepare, positioning yourself for maximum profit-taking and looking at where the most reliable trading information can be found. Attend this discussion, bring questions of your own, and get ready to trade Brexit.


Technical Analysis – what the charts can tell you

Your Speaker: Sandy Jadeja

Join Sandy Jadeja, for an hour of advanced technical analysis – the most common chart patterns, candlesticks and Fibonacci and what conclusions you can draw to help make that critical trading decision. Technical analysis has long been regarded as a vital skill in the traders’ toolkit – attend this workshop and make sure your skills are up-to-date. Sandy will also share with delegates his thoughts on current market conditions and what he’s expecting over the next few months. As one of the only market commentators to correctly predict some major market shifts in recent years, Sandy has proven, time and time again, that he walks the walk. Register now for this exclusive workshop, only at the London Forex Show.

4:00 PM

What makes a Trader?

Speaker: Sylvia Marshall

Is trading something that can be learnt? Or does it take a particular personality type to succeed? Can you learn how to control the natural emotional impulses that are a constant partner for all traders? Or should you trust in robots to make your trading decisions for you? Sylvia Marshall is a self-taught, professional and successful trader – who now mentors others, providing funds to kick-start their trading career and working with them to help them make money. Sylvia discusses the many different ingredients that make up the perfect trader – profitable, confident and successful. You can learn what the most valuable attributes are, and how to cultivate your own natural trading ability.